Identification, Evaluation and Implementation of Growth Opportunities for Industrial and Technology Companies

For more than 35 years, companies from a broad range of industrial and technology segments have relied on DAZ&A to help them exceed their revenue and profit growth goals worldwide. Combining in-depth technology competence with a proven record of creative management and marketing expertise, DAZ&A delivers practical guidance for building market share, and for the pursuit of entirely new markets, new products, new channels, acquisitions and the establishment of strategic alliances.

Delivering highly personalized senior-level counsel, DAZ&A develops a carefully crafted approach to meeting each client’s unique needs.  Growth results from:

  • Increasing client’s share of existing markets through creative sales and marketing research, analysis and consulting
  • Developing entirely new products, markets and channels
  • Identifying, negotiating and integrating corporate acquisitions
  • Divesting non-strategic products and operations
  • Negotiating alliances for sales, marketing, distribution and support
  • Licensing of products and technology

Since its inception, DAZ&A has served more than 300 companies ranging from fledgling start-ups to major multinationals headquartered around the world.  Many of DAZ&A’s client relationships have spanned decades.

To discuss specifically how DAZ&A can create new opportunities for your business please provide your contact information below.  Or speak directly with Dale Zeskind, DAZ&A’s Managing Director, by calling (+1) 781-274-9940, ext. 111.