D. A. Zeskind & Associates combines in-depth technology competence with a more than 35-year record of creative management and marketing expertise.

With extensive engineering training and experience, DAZ&A’s management combines in-depth technology competence with a proven record of creative management and marketing expertise.  Particularly important for technology-based clients, this combination leads to results having far greater substance and impact than the results obtained from other consulting firms.  As a further distinction, DAZ&A’s background enables it to quickly focus on the essence of each client’s objectives, thereby speeding start-up time and minimizing the investment of client resources.

Delivers uncompromising objectivity with senior-level personal attention.

DAZ&A has earned a consistent reputation for delivering uncompromising objectivity in all of its consulting activities.  Ensuring the continuance of this reputation, DAZ&A’s Managing Director personally guides each client relationship maintaining close communication with client management.

Guarantees absolute confidentiality, with a long list of satisfied clients.

Clients often trust DAZ&A to assist in highly sensitive investment and business development matters.  Recognizing the importance of that trust, DAZ&A guarantees absolute confidentiality in all of its client relationships.

Since its inception, DAZ&A has served more than 300 clients ranging from fledgling start-ups to major multinationals headquartered around the world.  Many of DAZ&A’s client relationships have spanned decades.

In order to maintain client confidentiality, DAZ&A does not identify its clients in public formats such as this.  However, client lists are available upon request.

Focuses primarily on industrial and technology-based businesses.  Unique perspective bridges diverse technologies and markets.

DAZ&A focuses primarily on industrial and technology-based manufacturers and service providers.  But within that focus, DAZ&A’s experience covers widely varied technologies and markets.  DAZ&A’s clients provide produ