Dale A. Zeskind, DAZ&A’s Managing Director, closely guides each client relationship.  This senior-level attention ensures the utmost in quality, creativity, personalized service, detail and value.

Counseling more than 300 clients since founding DAZ&A, Mr. Zeskind has earned a consistent reputation for creative management and marketing expertise.  His experience, objectivity, breadth-of-view, and combined technical and management expertise offer clients an unmatched perspective on their businesses.  This perspective proves invaluable in helping clients to identify, evaluate and implement growth opportunities.

Mr. Zeskind received a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan (summa cum laude), an SM in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), followed by the Electrical Engineer degree, also from MIT.  His graduate research at MIT focused on the development of new microwave signal processing technology.  Mr. Zeskind’s work earned him a patent and helped secure years of additional research funding for MIT.

In the course of his subsequent industry experience, Mr. Zeskind perfected methods for assessing customer needs, analyzing markets and identifying emerging opportunities.  He founded DAZ&A to help clients grow by applying these techniques.  Over the years, new ideas resulting directly from Mr. Zeskind’s methods have led to countless successful new products and market opportunities for his clients and five patents attributed to him.  His patents encompass diverse technologies ranging from advanced materials, high speed analog-to-digital conversion and remote sensing, to network communications, solid-state devices and intelligent controls.

In addition to his consulting focus, Mr. Zeskind is an active angel investor in start-up and emerging growth technology companies.  He serves as a director of client companies and of companies in which he invests.  Clients frequently engage him to develop and deliver in-house courses on topics pertaining to technology business investment and industrial sales and marketing.  He also serves as a Mentor/Instructor for MIT’s Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program, teaching MIT engineering students new-product and business development strategies, and skills for critical decision making, leadership and teamwork.

Mr. Zeskind is an experienced aircraft owner and pilot, giving him the means and flexibility to serve geographically dispersed clients with great efficiency.  He holds multi-engine airplane, helicopter and instrument pilot ratings, and has logged more than 5,000 hours as pilot-in-command of a variety of airplanes and helicopters.