Helping clients successfully grow new opportunities requires a close working relationship.  D. A. Zeskind & Associates works with each client in whatever manner best suits that client’s specific needs.  In practice, the resulting relationships often take one of three forms:

1. Project relationships.  For readily definable assignments, DAZ&A will gladly quote a firm-fixed-fee.  For such project assignments, DAZ&A will prepare a detailed proposal defining the scope and objectives, key issues to be explored, methods of obtaining the required results, and the time and costs required.  After acceptance by the client, the proposal serves as an outline of the project during execution.

DAZ&A firmly believes that the success of each project hinges, to a large extent, on the clarity of the written proposal.  Consequently, working closely with client management, DAZ&A expends considerable effort in preparing the proposal.  The client usually incurs no cost until after the proposal is accepted.

2. Retainer relationships.  For clients requiring ongoing assistance over an extended period, a retainer relationship often makes the most sense.  In return for a monthly retainer fee, DAZ&A actively tracks technology and market factors of interest to the client and makes available a pre-specified amount of professional time.  Additional time is available at a reduced rate.

3. As-needed consultation.  DAZ&A’s consultation services are also available on a per-hour or per-diem basis.