Research Methods

Today more than ever before, business growth depends upon the quality, accuracy, timeliness and superior use of critical information.  Information regarding customers, competitors, technologies and worldwide market conditions can play a crucial role in successfully pursuing truly proactive growth strategies.  In its opportunity development activities, D. A. Zeskind & Associates employs a wide range of information gathering techniques, including:


Personal interviews form the foundation for all serious industrial market research.  DAZ&A conducts extensive telephone, field, and focus group interviews both domestically and internationally.  When conducting interviews involving technology-based products, the quality of results depends heavily on the in-depth technical and business expertise of the researcher.  In many cases, for instance, the most relevant information is gathered as a result of follow-up questions that are not part of the initial interview protocol.  DAZ&A researchers combine engineering training with proven industrial management and marketing expertise.  This enables them to understand thoroughly the client’s most demanding technical and business challenges and opportunities.

Focus groups serve as an extremely effective means for developing qualitative insight into market behavior.  When conducting focus groups, DAZ&A gathers 6-12 carefully selected respondents together in a single room.  A DAZ&A moderator then leads the group through a well-prepared series of questions designed to elicit discussion relevant to the client’s needs.  During the session, the client’s identity remains concealed so as not to influence the group’s discussion.  At the same time, and with the group’s acknowledgment, client representatives view the session through a see-through mirror or video link.

Online surveys can supplement and test the results of more personal forms of primary research.  DAZ&A employs online web-based survey techniques to develop additional data and more broadly test hypotheses arising from the personal interviews and focus group techniques discussed above.


Going beyond publicly available web-based data resources, DAZ&A maintains accounts for on-line accessing of the world’s leading private information databases.  Using these facilities, DAZ&A can quickly and economically search through millions of records from a wide range of company, industry-specific, and government databases.  Since database searching is an interactive process, here again, the quality of results depends heavily on the researcher’s understanding of the client’s technical and business objectives.